Hello World: Connect to the Internet of Things

This developer site will enable you to cloud-enable your connected things - real or virtual - and manage them from anywhere in the world.

This is the same very powerful cloud service enabling large manufacturers and service providers to bring appcessories to millions of people.

This example shows how to quickly get connected:

1. Sign Up
You can Sign Up for Free!

2. Log In
Log In to obtain your API key.

3. Obtain your Location ID
Use your API key to obtain your Location ID.

4. Activate your sense point
Activate your sense point. This links your device with your account, allowing your device to upload measurement data and receive commands. Use device type 3 as a sandbox device to send measurements and receive commands.

5. Upload data
Use the Device API to send data and receive commands from the sense point. You can send any registered parameter, and feel free to contact People Power to request any specific parameters or units of measurement you need for your application. We support XML and JSON.

DIY Command Line:
curl --request POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/xml" \
--data '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <h2s ver="2" hubId="{globally unique device ID}" seq="1">
    <measure deviceId="{globally unique device ID}">
      <param name="model">Hello World!</param>
      <param name="power">10</param>
      <param name="outletStatus">ON</param>
  ' \
--verbose \

6. Obtain your devices' latest readings
Web: http://developer.peoplepowerco.com/espapi/test/GetCurrentParameters.html
DIY Command Line: curl http://developer.peoplepowerco.com/espapi/rest/deviceParameters/{key}/{location id}/true/true

7. Obtain a history of readings
Web: http://developer.peoplepowerco.com/espapi/test/DeviceReadings.html
DIY Command Line: curl http://developer.peoplepowerco.com/espapi/rest/deviceReadings/{key}/{location id}/{globally unique device id}/2010-04-03T15:03:42

Easy huh? Now check out the Device and Application API documentation to tap into advanced functionality. Or check out some more examples.